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Tseten Gonta by ia-n Tseten Gonta by ia-n
for the love of christ i just had to half-ass my way through the rest of the drawing portion of the application because I forgot to save halfway and I don't have a tablet and yeah
the struggle is real
anyways here's hoping i get accepted into the rp regardless
please ignore any weird wording you see here it's like... almost midnight here and im butt tired yo

T S E T E N   G O N T A<

Tseten is a dark skinned boy with shaved white hair, akin to the appearance of a mohawk of sorts. The end is tied into a braid or ponytail. His ears are pointed to a degree, emphasizing his impish personality while also possessing the smirk to compliment his demeanor.

HISTORY BEFORE WISH: With his parents separated soon after his youngest sibling’s birth, Tseten was raised in a single parent household, with only his mother to look up to. (Despite the peculiar marital status between his mother and father, Tseten’s mother still bore three more of his children.) As the eldest of the four children, he often considers himself the “man of the house”, despite not even reaching puberty yet.  Financial situations worsened, and their standing in the middle class neighborhood diminished as their money dwindled. Due to his mother’s circumstances, the family had to move out of their modest household and fall back on the apartment establishments in the less fortunate parts of the city.

While he had never met his father, Tseten typically makes no attempt to ask his mother about what he looked like. Being the self-proclaimed "man of the house", Tseten's ego refuses to ask anyone for help.

Tseten’s mother seems persistent in the sense that the father of her children will return, but two years have passed and there has not been a single word of the whereabouts of Tseten’s dad.

In order to help pay for the bills (and gain some spare change for himself), the able bodied Tseten wanders the streets of his neighborhood, picking up chores to do. These tasks range from mowing lawns to cleaning a store. Despite the tediousness of these jobs, Tseten gets paid in candies and a few dollars.

Usually Tseten only does this to earn praise from his mother or attention, but since she is always kept busy with his younger siblings, she barely focuses on him. While he does try to remain nonchalant and aloof about this (using his claimed title as “man of the house” to reassure him), inside he is constantly troubled because of it.

As a result, the boy is constantly craving attention at places elsewhere. Whether it be at his school or in his leisure time, Tseten is known to go out of his way to make someone cringe, laugh, or yell at him. Whatever kind of attention he can get himself, he gladly takes. Neighbors tend to have mixed feelings towards him -- a bright, helpful young boy that sometimes just refuses to use his head.

DOB: October 7th

AGE:  13

HEIGHT: 5’4”

MARITAL STATUS: “I’m a martial artist, what on earth are you talking about?!”

ORIENTATION:“I haven’t taken that class in school yet... Is it hard?!”

LOCATION: Housing at the Apartment Complexes within the lower class niche. Resides with his mother and father, as well as his three sisters.

SCHOOLING: Norwood Public High School. Despite his apparent distaste for the richer communities, Tseten is envious of people that attend the more prestigious Bellingham Academy, and aspires to take at least one year there before the end of his high school career.

GRADE: Ninth (9th) grade. Attended school late, but managed to excel throughout elementary school with few problems, asides from behavioral complications.


:bulletpink: Cartoon shows. Tseten is addicted to most slapstick children shows on the television nowadays, but is mostly fascinated by the fantasy genre. His favorite shows usually have something to do with capturing monsters or fighting monsters. Among his most watched programs includes Beyblades, Transformers, and Pokemon.
:bulletwhite: Being the center of attention. Due to the lack of attention he gets at home in his personal life, Tseten searches for attention elsewhere, on the streets of his neighborhood. Whether it be negative or positive, Tseten feeds into it gratefully.
:bulletpink: Athletic activities. Anything that involves some sort of physical strain, Tseten will gladly partake in. He has a rather high competitive drive and does not like it when his teammates bring his team down. With that said, he is a sore loser, and will shamelessly blame others for his downfall. 
:bulletwhite: Being in charge. Although Tseten lacks any real traits that make him an ideal leader, he enjoys telling people what to do.

:bulletpink: Being ignored.
:bulletwhite: Pretentious or snooty people. (Although he does have a desire to be one of those kinds of individuals...)
:bulletpink: Snooty girls! girls drool, boys rule

M A G I    <

WISH: "Now, you better not laugh at me for this, and I'm not trying to sound like a baby either... But being the man of the house is getting tiring, and my dad is a coward... because he ditched us, and all... But the point is, he left three little girls behind, and that's unacceptable! His daughters... Tseten Gonta will never forgive him, unless...! Bater, you can grant any wish, right? Then this is my wish... I wish my dad would live with us again, and get back together with my mom!"

Days later, his father had returned, on the note that he was struggling by himself, and regretted abandoning the family. Tseten's parents began spending more time together, as if making up for all the years they had lost when separated. His father considered all of his daughters as "little princesses", and focused more on their education and spoiling them, rather than Tseten. The goal Tseten had for this wish had backfired, in a sense. What about his father paying attention to  ̢͓̻͓̜ͮͮͯͬ̀B̵̘͎̳̜̫͇̯̩͓͈̞̬̜̺̈͆͑ͫ̅ͧͮͥ̉ͥ̋͊̍̽̈̔̏̇̄́̀͜ͅȆ̢̹̻̺̰̻̽̀̾̓́̅̄ͭ̉ͣͤ̔̿̂̓͟ him? What about precious G̛̹̲̝̜̣̳͖̥̳̠͓̿ͯ̾ͫ̈͂̔ͬͥͬ́T̶̈́͑͌͊̈́̍̄͏̞̠̩̣̻̜̖͖̮̙͎ͅS̢̛͙̱̜͚̥̺̤͙͉̘̈́͆ͬ̆̐Ë̵́̎̒̆ͤ̏ͥ͘͞͏̩̬̺̺N̨̻̦͖̲̖̤̘̤̫̫̺̘̰̙͉͛ͯͧͪ̔̔̃͆̚̚͟͝͞ͅͅ man to man Ḭ̵̛͓͔͓͍̖ͯ̏ͤ͊̌̿ͤ̉͐͂ͣ́́́Ḧ̷̙̩͉̺̟̱̦̰̲̫̩̹̹̭̋ͩͯ̑͑͂͋͋̅̅̀̾̾̎ͬ̕͢A̵̶̛̫̹̭̪̱̯̰͎̙̪̺̙̓͌̐̇̎̍ͦͫ͐̋ͨ͑ͭͥ̑̀̚͟ bonding?

"...Ah. It doesn't matter. I'll always be the man of the house... and this city!"

TRANSFORMATION: Tseten’s transformation begins with him tossing his pink-- I mean, salmon -- Soul Gem in the air. He begins to do a silly dance while juggling his Soul Gem -- his juggling gets fast enough to the point where it seems there are duplicates of it in mid-air. At the climax of the act, Tseten tosses his Gem in the air once more. He looks up, and opens his mouth, and swallows the Soul Gem whole. With the swallow and a flash of pink light, his neck bracing appears on him, and his gem is engraved in the collar-like accessory, and then with each dance movement he takes, another article of clothing appears in a pink-- I mean... salmon -- flash. Salmon. Definitely salmon.

INACTIVE FORM: When not in his magical form, his soul gem is present in the form of an ankle bracelet.  His most often found in extremely casual attire, consisting of second-hand T-shirts and baggy shorts. He is scarcely seen with socks or shoes on, as he usually dons sandals.

ACTIVE FORM: The Soul Gem takes the form of an antique-designed choker of sorts with the gem in the middle. The true form of his Soul Gem has an abstract, almost exotic-like design to it. The Soul Gem's casing is a deep brass hue, but there are several deep scratches and minor afflictions on the metal, hinting that he has damaged it in some way in the past, unintentionally.

W E A P O N:

Tseten only possesses two “weapons” which are drawn from the suspenders of his pants. The chains magically fuse off and separate from his pants, revealing a massive, disproportionately sized set of nunchucks. By colliding the ends of the nunchucks together creates the alternative, weaker weapon -- the cymbals. The cymbals are connected by the chains.

d5 CYMBAL CRASH: Tseten begins to obnoxiously bang his cymbals around the place, wreaking havoc wherever he goes. If the dice lands on an odd number, then Tseten has successfully provoked the attention of any malevolent creature within his radius for one (1) round.

d10 CYMBAL BASH: Using comically sized cymbals, Tseten begins to assault the assailant in between them. If the attack lands on an even number, the opponent is confused.

d15 NUNCHUCK SWING: To compensate for the long drawing period*, this move is effective and powerful. With great speed and a high hit ratio (and decent radius, considering the length of the nunchucks), Tseten swings his nunchucks around to the sides, plowing through minions or able familiars.

d20: HELICHOPPER: The chains on Tseten’s nunchucks extend outwards. He holds onto one side, and begins swinging above ground to gain velocity. As the speed increases to comical amounts, he sends the chain downwards to ground level. The chains inflict damage to both enemies and teammates if they are within the chain radius.


S T A T S    <

:bulletwhite:HP: 100
:bulletpink:ATTACK: N/A.
:bulletwhite:DODGE: N/A.
:bulletpink:MISCELLAENOUS: N/A.

RP METHODS: man lookit alla y'all with your fancy shmancy skype rping and w/e
i'm pretty much fine wherever you want to rp... skype, misc instant messaging (on dA or somewhere else), the back of school, you name it
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